Today we went back to our favorite beach called Agios Georgios. A steep dirt road leads to a small taverna. The hippie decor reminds me of Paia but much smaller and less touristy. The path down to the taverna has a fountain made of variously sized plastic wash basins. Water cascades from each basin and there are little turtles swimming in some of the tubs.

Agios Georgios is a pebble beach. Visiting a pebble beach is like a witnessing a very special time in someone’s life. Soon, in maybe a hundred years, the pebbles will be fine sand. It’s nice to catch this in between phase. Pebble beaches are also great for swimming. The water is very clear and it’s easy to enter and exit.

In Greece most beaches have tavernas. This taverna is built into the side of the cliff yet is only a few feet from the beach. There are two ways of entering the taverna, through the main path or a side path. This side path has a small shower, restroom, and changing room that is open to the public but still part of the taverna. The shower is solar heated. Taking a hot shower at the beach is a unique experience.

The taverna serves a variety of Greek dishes. Our favorites were a beetroot garlic dish and a spicy cheese dip. The beet dish is just beetroot sliced and seasoned with parsley, garlic, salt, and olive oil/vinegar. We’ve found that the simplest of dishes here are incredible.

I told Lily today that people here really know how to go to the beach. We’ve been admiring how the tavernas make the experience of going to the beach infinitely better with shade, water, and food readily available.