I’m typing this on my new Pocket Keyboard. I’ve been thinking about my phone recently and how it is just another computer with a smaller screen. There’s really no reason that I can’t do the majority of my work on this device. I got a foldable bluetooth keyboard to test if it was possible to write my blog primarily on this device. So far so good.

I’ve noticed that it’s easier to edit my blog when reading it on my phone. I think this is due to a reading tracking problem I had when I was younger. I was told to read with a ruler so that I wouldn’t skip lines. I think the small screen size on the phone, creating more line breaks, makes reading/editing easier for me.

What I like about my Pocket Keyboard is that my computer is made up of several components. This is sort of the computer experience that I’ve always dreamed of: a computer that can be built out of several components that work independently of one another. It reminds me of the fictional Sandbender computer that the main character in William Gibson’s Idoru uses. Customizing your computer makes you feel more in control of your computing experience!