Palm, a content composer for the offline and online web

focused ... a content before style code editor

direct ... write and edit HTML (the fundamental language of the web)

portable ... pages are saved in .html, meaning they work in any browser

light ... somewhere between a code editor and a text editor

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consider supporting this project. it took several months to create palm. if you are able to, any support would be greatly appreciated.

Limited on purpose

Palm is constrained on purpose. For the most part, it's meant for writing, not for building complex websites. There are some basic formatting tools <b>, <em>, <u>, <blockquote>, <ol>, <ul>, <a>, <img>.

View source

The ability to "view the source" of a website is a beautiful part of the web. When Palm edits HTML, it makes it human readable so that you and others can view the source and easily understand the HTML behind each page.


Palm is a WYSIWYG editor. HTML is beautiful but it's also a barrier for those that are not yet familiar with making websites. Palm aims to bridge that gap. You can use Palm to write HTML and view the source to learn how HTML works.


Palm is all about the site's content but you can always customize your Palm's style.css in your favorite code editor.


Palm supports the <img> tag. You can either click the image button or drag & drop an image into the editor. Images will be resized (1500x1500) and saved to an /images directory. Image support is somewhat experimental and alt text support is still in the works.

Can Palm be used with an existing site?

Possibly, it's worth a try, but backup your site first. You will need to add #palm to an element on the page, so that Palm knows which part of the page to pull from. Warning: Palm might remove custom HTML inside your #palm element. It's best to write and format within Palm to avoid this.

Why is it called Palm?

A dual meaning: a portable writing device from the past and it's about writing with your hands. A homage to a simpler computing era, when websites weren't so visually heavy and focused more on content.

Support Palm

It took several months to create the pre-released version of Palm. I worked tirelessly designing and programming this piece of software. It's a labor of love. Consider supporting this project.


Made by Elliott during Winter 2023 in Athens and Rotterdam