Ephemeral as in place

On this day

the ebb and flow of the crowd's concentration on the performance and a reflection of the nostalgic character of specific performances

Because different people may value the passage of time differently

Fletcher's frogs use these sites to exploit them, by-passing predation and competition.[17]

via a direct and indirect pressence in the transmission cycle

Two cars and one missed connection

Landscapes feature ephemeral changes of both natural and man-made origin.[28] Furrows, haystacks and sheaves are ephemeral aspects of a landscape.[28]

Ephemerality is a component of olfaction, breathing, speech and memory, aligned with permanency in the latter.[31][32][33][34] With regards to witnessing an artwork in a museum, limited research indicates that the ephemerality of solely gazing at the artwork results in greater remembrance compared to the resulting memory from taking a photograph.[35]

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