Update: I realized soon after posting this that I had to revise the rules. Instead of makes 4 websites per month, I will be publishing 4 projects per month. A “project” could just a some writing on this very blog or a series of photographs taken in a park.

I’m passionate about personal websites and constantly have ideas for them. Instead of logging those ideas away, I’m hoping that for the next few months I can just make the websites projects I dream up. Often I get caught on something simple like choosing a domain name. Instead of fussing over the details, I will be hosting each site here unless an obvious name immediately comes to mind.

Some constraints (to follow or break):

  • Each website project should be simple enough to finish in a few days time.
  • It would be nice if each project challenged me in a different way, but this is also not completely necessary. I’d rather finish each project instead of agonizing over the tooling.
  • I’ll document my progress in this post.

Stay tuned…



A list of products I’ve owned and would recommend (with affiliate links).
Link to site →


I rebuilt my studio site, Bell Kiosk. Each website is represented by a bell. You can ring all the bells from the homepage.


I’ve wanted to setup a webcam since I was a kid. This month I finally bought an Axis security camera and opened a port on my router. If its plugged in, you should see a live feed above.


A guide to setting up a webcam is in the works…



A series of photographs made for an exhibtion in Sasaki Garden, NY. The show included work by Shintaro Matsuo and was curated by Sean Tatol.


I’m doing a residency with Laurel at the creative space ∧°┐ until the end of July. 7/11 is everywhere here and each store has its own printing/copy kiosk. As a traveler its nice to just walk in and print images off your phone taken moments before. The photo printing is super glossy and comes in a variety of sizes. A while back I created an app for my phone called TNR writer (short for Times New Roman writer). The app is a simple text editor that saves out a square jpg. There’s also a button that changes the background color to a randomly generated color. It’s a nice way of making notes and posting them to another app or just storing them in the camera roll. I’ve been printing these text images at 7/11 and making packs of them. Each pack contains 5 words. I’m calling this project Rare Words, in that a word will only be printed once. The words are packaged in plastic sleeves so that its hard to tell which words are in each pack.


As the residency at Pehu came to a close the Green People (Laurel, Kazuma, and I) held an exhibition. We created a minature diarama and wrote a short story on a Pomera about the Green People and their love of silver horses.



I wrote a post about exploring vast websites through randomization on this very blog. It got a nice response from the HN community.