Laurel Schwulst told me that “blurry images are more in love”. I think this means that the colors and shapes in a blurry image are blended together as if they were “in love” with one another.

I’ve been obsessed with blurry images or rather what happens when you make blurry images instead of sharp images. When I look through my camera roll, which is full of blurry images, it’s hard to remember where the images were taken or what they are of. Blurry images seem to be truer to how we store memories in our minds. That blue blotch in this photo could be my friend or it could be a car. There’s some degree of uncertainty with blurry images and also with our memories.

In 2016, I was working at a gallery in San Francisco and frequently checked Contemporary Art Daily, a blog that posts images from art exhibitions. I realized that this website would make a perfect blur since it features colorful artworks and the homepage changes daily.

In 2018, I made a new website and a bookmarklet that allows any website to be blurred. I started a channel called, “I left this block in the rain”, collecting some of the highlights.

Apple’s default iOS camera app does not allow users to intentionally blur the camera using a focus slider. This prompted the development of a blurry camera app for iOS with the help of Jeffrey Alan Scudder.

I’m not sure what the next step is in this exploration of blurry images. Possibly a blurry photography workshop…