Today is Saturday May 7, 2022. I will leave this window open. I am traveling to Rotterdam on Monday. Safe travels.

This website was inspired by the Bloomberg Terminal colors. Can you believe that?

May 9
Elliott using his computer at JFK airport
Elliott working on his laptop at JFK.
May 10
A home wifi network near the train route.
9:42 - Taking the train to Rotterdam Centraal
11:12 - Arrived at Jen's Den
13:16 - Writing from Juffrouw van Zanten
15:34 - Took a nap. Still tired and can't really look at a screen so thinking I should take a walk.
16:00-18:00 - Took a walk along the canal. Stopped into this shop and had a nice meandering conversation with the owner about new york/rotterdam daily life, community spaces, and church/religion. He was going to give me a bible but didn't have an english version. I've been noticing that many conversations lately have focused on religion/spirituality.
May 11
Warning: I forgot to update in this morning!
??:?? - I took a walk and worked from here. Had a bunch of work meetings (partnering with the user + scrolling vs. pagination), and fixed Emma's bike so now I'm able to zoom around.
21:14 - Working at XP. Emma is having a meeting with a friend at the (kitchen?) table.
0:00 - Back at Jen's Den. Jen just tipped over a water bottle on the table.
May 12
9:00 - Woke up a little late.
9:40 - Working from Azra
May 13
Leaving Jen's Den today

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